We test your website speed on regular basis and we enhance it to the maximum.

Website Testing
Web App

Web App

More browsers and devices hit your web app on a daily basis and your app has to deliver a consistent, high-quality experience across all of them..

Marquee Solution makes it easy to test your web app in the wild to ensure your web experience works for your users on the browsers and devices that matter to them.

Marquee Solution has rich experience in Web Application Testing and Website Testing services. We describe some of these project experiences below and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

Marquee Solution provides a range of testing services on web application & websites with the support of our deep web application expertise and 10+ years of QA experience. Here are the services that we provide from our engineering centers in India.

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • UI/Beauty Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Multi Language Support Testing

It is always a good practice to prepare an effective bug report. Fixing a bug depends on how effectively you prepare your bug report. At Mindfire we provide daily test report for our client which will help them to stay updated about the project progress. You are welcome to visit our Daily Testing Bug Report page to get details of the service.

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Mobile App

It’s said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But what if you get paid to play at work? Welcome to the family of Game testers! Though it might sound dulcet, but when you are being paid for playing at work, you better know the stakes are high. Marquee Solution has a competent team of testers focusing on game testing. There is a notion that being an avid gamer might qualify you as an eligible candidate for a game tester as well. This isn’t always true. So because, when you are testing the game, you’ll have to put in long hours playing the same game, missions and levels over and over again from different angles with the intent to uncover maximum defects. Our testers are hardcore gamers with strong knowledge of testing methodologies.

Any business needs attracting new customers and making them conscious of the advantages of your product for sales in your business. With a well developed iPhone app, companies can publicize their service to their customers. This is a new way to present your company to the marketplace and will also help with your company’s brand recognition.

Types of games tested at Marquee Solution

  • Online Games
  • Video games
  • Console Games
  • Mobile/handheld games

Types of games tested at Marquee Solution

  • Skill games
  • War Games
  • Educational games
  • Racing games
  • Real Time Strategy games (RTS)
  • Role Playing games (RPG)
  • Sports games
  • Puzzlers


Our game testing strategies varies for each type of games and customized to its testing needs. Following are a few test strategies we commonly follow while testing game applications.

  • Functionality
  • Game play experience
  • Load testing for multi-player games
  • Compatibility and Compliance testing
  • Localization testing
  • Online and Network testing
  • Console certification testing
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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a planned and systematic means for assuring management that the defined standards, practices, procedures and methods of the process are applied. (Source: Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University)

The most effective way to manage quality cost is to prevent defects at the early stages of Project Life Cycle (PLC). As a universal known fact, it is always less expensive to detect & fix the defect at an earlier stage than fixing it once it has occurred in the production.

Marquee Solution enables their customers to have a robust quality system by providing Quality Assurance Services to all types of projects (Development, Enhancement, Maintenance, Testing and Production Support). We help the customers to:

  • Enable projects to detect defects early in the project lifecycle
  • Establish a Defect Tracking System
  • Establish Quality Gate (QG) framework
  • Establish Defect Prevention Methods
  • Enable Process Improvement initiatives
  • Improve the Quality of Deliverables

Many of Marquee Solution’s customers have benefited in:

  • Improving the ability to manage and prevent the defects to production systems
  • Reducing rework & cost
  • Improving productivity
  • Sustaining quality of deliverables throughout the project life cycle
  • Early detection & fixation of defects in the software life cycle
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